Montreal’s architectural and industrial design office Rainville Sangare has recently designed a korean restaurant in the eclectic neighbourhood of Mile End. Bibiko is a new bibimbap bar concept promoting local and healthy eating. The restaurant aims to democratize high-end korean dining with remixed traditional dishes and ingredients.

Using their distinctive approach to all scales of design, Rainville Sangaré enhanced this previously abandoned building in the heart of this dynamic Montreal neighbourhood. The main challenge was to keep the space very luminous, given that there is only one front window offering natural light.

The material and colour palette brightens up and provides an hospitable environment. The flow of the space opts for a central open kitchen to showcase the freshness of the ingredients and the on order meal preparation. The main seating area consist of three large tables emphasizing the community element of the food. The blue metal stools offer a splash of colour with a very bold form. 

A self-serve water fountain was installed to greet the customer in the restaurant. The spaces overlap and allow customers to have a peek at the food preparation while waiting for their meal. The kitchen area is topped with a bar counter where cooking classes and degustation menus are served during special events.

Indoor herb planters are adjacent to the kitchen. They grow key ingredients for the restaurant’s recipes and intend to highlight the localness of the meals served in the establishment. 

Furthermore the clay tableware, such as the bowl, tumblers and pots, were designed by Rainville Sangaré and produced by a local potter.

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